Ramer Group was producing and selling indoor and outdoor entrance doormats StepMat. The basic part of the production (about 75%) was in Bulgaria. The rest of the doormats were supplied from Czech Republic or the Netherlands. StepMat is a trademark owned by Ramer Group.

 We were actively selling both in Bulgaria and in Romania until the end of 2023. We worked exclusively with suppliers for materials from Bulgaria or the European Union.

Our goal was to share with you the information and the knowledge that we gained from our practice, for the use, selection, purposes, materials and we would be happy if we have been able to be at least a little helpful. Whether you buy a doormat StepMat from us or similar from our competitors is a decision, which we were not aiming to influence on.

If you wanted to share with us any ideas or comments, we would carefully listen to them. If you asked us, we did our best to answer you. We knew that there was always something more to be learn.

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